Woven Rug design  Carpet   Bookmarks

Woven Rug Bookmarks
Masonic , Royal Arch, Knights Templar, Order of the Eastern Star, OES bookmark, Order of the Amarnth Emblem
DeMolay, Rainbow Girls
Lions Clubs International and Rotary International Emblem, Logo

Woven rug design carpet bookmarks are   measures approximately 5 cm x 23 cm or 2inches 9inches.
Our rug bookmarks  woven by machine and made of %100 polyester.(Not Printed) neither stamp
They are the approximate thickness of canvas and have a smooth silky feel to them.

it is great idea for gift to brothers and sisters , officers and members

it is possible woven own your design , lodge name , contact us hatice_erdogan@yahoo.com

Each Bookmark in retail package 2.50USD Shipping Free Minumum 5 piceces


masonic bookmark


freemason bookmark


Freemasonry Bookmark


Masoni Bookmark Red


OES bookmarks



Masonic bookmark 1

Masonic bookmark 2

Masonic bookmark 3

Masonic bookmark 4

OES Bookmark





masonic bookmark


freemason bookmark


royal arch bookmark




Royal Arch



Masonic bookmark 5

Masonic bookmark 6

Masonic bookmark 7

Masonic bookmark 8

Royal Arch





Order of Amaranth



knight templar


knight templar


Rainbow Girls


Order of Amaranth 1

Order of Amaranth 2

Knights Templar I

Knights Templar 2

BFCL bookmark



Lions Clubs International Bookmark


Rotary International








Lions Clubs

Rotary International