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Woven Masonic tapestry wall hanging

Woven Masonic tapestry i;measures approximately 40 cm x 5 cm , 15inches 2 inches.
Our Tapestries are machine woven and made of %100 polyester.(Not Printed) and woven polyster thread.
. They are the approximate thickness of canvas and have a smooth silky feel to them.

We sell Royal Arch, Knight Templar Tapestries If you require many Religious Tapestry woven wall hanging tapestry icon , whether for promotions or you have icon design would you like to woven , please contact us for our discounted prices

Each woven Masonic long tapestry wall hanging icon 6.50USD Shipping free


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Tapestry 1

Tapestry 2

Tapestry 3

Tapestry 4

Tapestry 5



















Tapestry 6

Tapestry 7

Tapestry 8

Tapestry 9

Tapestry 10



















Tapestry 11

Tapestry 12

Tapestry 13

Tapestry 14

Tapestry 15